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We want to provide more than just an overnight stay. We rely on change, balance and THE PASSION TO DANCE ALONGSIDE. We believe in personal freedom to have fun; feel fantastic and to defy time.

WE TRY, not only to know what we do, but instead DOING IT WITH PASSION.

WE LIKE flexibility and individuality, contemplation and action, to be left alone and to be thrilled. WE BELIEVE in long walks at the beach, playing, debating, cooking together, hearing music, THE BIG SCREEN AND SMALL GROUPS. We like casual communication, motion, games.

We build an environment were we and others are comfortable. WE INVITE YOU, to not only be our guest, but a co-actor. WE WANT YOU AS ROOMMATE. We promise: that is just the beginning of a vision, because the one who stays with us SHAPES our mutual HOME.

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD to unexpected affirmations, but also discomfiture, because we want to be creative with situations and encounters. That’s how we can expand your comfort zone and give to you what we are looking for ourselves. We want to be spontaneous und STAY EXITED: TO ALL OF YOUR POSSIBILITIES.

Dock Inn Hostel Warnemünde


We would like that everyone feels comfortable with us. Only if you feel welcome, you can relax, get excited and thrive. Hence why we want to meet you as an equal.

Therefore, we reject inhumane attitudes, as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism and xenophobia. We too do not approve of any kind of violence - whether it may be physical or psychological.

We want you to be able to feel as a roommate – no matter your heritage, your skin color, your religion, your sexual orientation, your gender or your gender notation.


We want to be your go-to person, when you are feeling uncomfortable and want to do our best to keep you free of any worries while you are at the DOCK INN. Be considerate of each other, embark new ways and reconsider your old paths. Because that is the only way for us to really get to know each other.

A warm welcome to you, we are the DOCK INN.

And who are you?

Dock Inn Hostel Warnemünde

Jobs [at the DOCK INN]

You are an enthusiastic chef, an adventurous hotel manageress, you are a barkeeper and want to stir us up or want to shine as housekeeper? Do you want to help launch the DOCK INN into open water and always sail close to the wind? In that case we really want to get to know you.

Our crew can be sure of fair pay and we also ease your way to work: with a public transport ticket or a parking space right beside the DOCK INN.

We don’t want to yarn old storys about captains and sailors, but instead tear down hierarchies and challenge deadlocked powers. We need the whole crew to hoist the sails – that means to us: to share ideas, awake desires and to create something new together. Therefore we need your enthusiasm!

Courious? In that case send your aplication to team@dock-inn.de
We are excited to get to know all of your possibilities!

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